MJ Yeager

MJ Yeager worked in the design field from 1974 in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC and Maine until 1994 shortly after the birth of her daughter when she and her family moved to Maine. It was then that she retired from the graphic design field and began teaching art to children and adults. She moved here to Rhode Island in 2003 and taught art locally at Quest Montessori School. Teaching provided her an opportunity to fine-tune her own expressive art forms including painting and blended media collage.
Her 20-plus year career as a graphic designer may explain her passion for the process of collage. As a designer/art director in the 70s, 80s and early 90s prior to the onset of digital technologies, all of the design and production was prepared in cut-and-paste format and sent to print houses for reproduction. By 1992 all design projects were completed on computers but her passion on to trim and paste imagery continued.

Artist Statement

I have been involved in art and design longer than I can remember. Before the word "design" entered my vocabulary I recall driving with my family and pointing out signs that I was sure I could improve. My lengthy career in graphic design started long before computers claimed the field. I loved the process of sketching, drawing, cutting and pasting images and type to produce a project. Once I crossed over to the digital age I still had the deep urge to juxtapose imagery and language to a surface. My work has evolved dramatically from literal surrealist vignettes to fully emotive abstract expressionism. I make collage as a means of channeling a thought or feeling that I can't arrive at through my thinking.