Molly Kaderka

My collective body of work as an artist stems from an earnest desire to create beauty and meaning. I find the most compelling way to do this is to use my artistic practice to search for and evoke for my viewers elements of the sublime. To experience the sublime is to simultaneously feel and cognitively understand the serendipity and the insignificance of one’s own existence, and to submit to this experience in the face of something greater and more mysterious. This experience of both feeling and understanding how small we all are is probably unique to humans, but it is not an everyday or universal experience and it can be profoundly transformative.

I am fascinated by the innate human desire to pursue knowledge and understanding and by the  processes people go through to find meaning in what they encounter in the natural world. This  practice of looking to nature to evoke a sense of the sublime continues to inform my current monoprints/drawings and my new series of paintings, which focus on extinction. As we collectively face the prospect of thousands of plant and animal species going extinct, due largely to human-induced climate change, I am more and more drawn to the question of how people  experience, or refuse to experience, the natural world.