Further On Down The Yellow Brick Road

Further On Down The Yellow Brick Road

Jack Massey / Michael Yefko

May 16-June 20

The two artists will exhibit Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional works that explore temporal aspects of geometry within an entropic reality.

They will exhibit works that also reveal the humor that comes from a modernist’s utopic sensibility meeting a great wind of change blowing across, through, and against creative freedom.

The fear is always that audiences will either read too much or too little between the lines. Both artists admit that one reason for coming together to create this exhibition is that they are willing to take that chance. 

Michael Yefko first encountered Jack Massey as his teacher on RISD’s European Honors Program in Rome while Professor Massey served as Chief Critic in 1977. They have remained friends and for a while were colleagues (1981-2000) teaching in the Foundation Studies Program at RISD.

Professor Massey has just become Professor Emeritus at RISD while Michael Yefko works at his art and is a Part Time Faculty member at The University of Rhode Island.

Insofar as time and timelessness seem to occupy the same space in Art, and that the evocative nature of Art has a way of promoting change and preserving memories, this exhibition also takes the opportunity to remember how the reciprocal nature of teaching and learning is what challenges us all to head a little “Further on down the Yellow Brick Road.”