Jocelyn Foye

Jocelyn Foye (born in Manchester, Connecticut), is a contemporary sculptor incorporating ceramics, photography, printmaking and painting as processes to her final outcomes of larger performance-based work. She recently relocated from Los Angeles, CA to Rhode Island and runs a Graphic Design business. She earned her MFA from California State University, Long Beach, CA and BA from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. 

Foye is a recipient of a 2014 National Endowment for the Arts and City of Long Beach (CA) Arts Grant as well as the 2011 Fellowship for Emerging Visual Artists from the California Community Foundation. Due to her work with many not-for-profit organizations, dance troops and athletic clubs around the United States, her artwork has been exhibited at regional museums, commercial galleries as well as College and University galleries around the United States and Europe.

Artist Statement

Raised by a taxonomist, Jocelyn Foye’s work has initially stemmed from an understanding of the scientific practice of observing and collecting. Foye sees herself twisting that practice to the point of an often voyeuristic and directorial angle where she explores unique pairings of artists and subject, physical material and narrative. While the exploration of human patterning is a launching point to her investigations, she explores the way hers and audience member’s senses are heightened to engage the performances. With spectacle acting as her catalyst, her work is on or against traditional materials which physically capture the movement in a poetic two or three-dimensional form. This resulting form(s), which Foye refers to as a sculptural relief painting(s), carry the aura of the performance, but function as complete artworks to peacefully contemplate unto themselves. Often this cycle of performance and form explore political issues through athletics or niche club activities, but in each case there is site specificity to the concept and outcome of the work. 

Visit Jocelyn's website or check out her blog where she posts images of her research and practices.