Card Image: "Dangerous" Installation by Stacy Latt Savage and Laura Franz

Hera Gallery Presents:

Intolerance as Violence

                                                                   "Intolerance is itself, a form of violence…and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit”      

                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Mahatma Gandhi

Curated by: Ian Alden Russell Ph.D., Curator of
David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University


April 7th-May 5th, 2018

We are living in a time of heightened intolerance, anger and hardened frontiers. How can creative discourse open up a diverse, respectful dialogue? Can art melt the hardened confines of convictions, broaden the perimeters of comfort and bigotry, free us of our self-imposed boxed-in existences, and allow us to see beyond our own, familiar perspectives?

This exhibition gives a forum to creative voices of tolerance that search to reach beyond limitations and to speak to all of humanity in a world of radical and profound divisiveness. Artists from different backgrounds and perspectives will share their work about tolerance and inclusiveness. This diverse show will include video work, photography, painting, laser cut paper, drawings, and an interactive installation.

Exhibiting Artists:

Gaelyn and Gustavo Aguilar

Michael Amato

Uli Brahmst

           William Clark           

Laura Franz and Stacy Latt Savage

Kim Garland

Haley R. Hatfield

Mary N. Hurwitz

Victor Witkowski

Tiffany Lawson

Janet Braun Reinitz and Sarah Maple

Heath Schultz

Sarah Sipling

Ingrid Wells

Anne Wert