Elizabeth Lind

Originally from Seattle, Elizabeth grew up in New York City where she studied and performed ballet.  Subsequent studies in studio art led to lost wax bronze casting and glassblowing in the South, and eventually the ownership of a bronze casting foundry.  Relocating to Rhode Island, she earned her masters degree from the Rhode Island School of Design while also managing an art gallery.
She has maintained a carving studio for the last fifteen years after finding her passion for carving while studying at RISD. Employing simple hand tools- a mallet and steel chisels, Elizabeth carves life-size alabaster, marble, and limestone figures of women and their environments- either real or imagined.
She travels to various locales in Italy, researching sites that are rich in ancient female artifacts, mythology, and history.

Artist Statement:

My work centers on the figure and its environment, whether real or imagined. Inspired by the timeless beauty of the female form, I explore the context of the female experience- the world and atmosphere in which women live. Fascinated by ancient cultures and the endurance of myths and symbols, I explore contemporary rites and rituals within the context of time.

All of my art making is tied to sculpture as I gravitate to the concrete presence of three-dimensional form. I explore the sensuality and timelessness of being female. The incorporation of symbols provides a unique language to express emotions, sexuality, relationships, vulnerability, and strength. 

Most of my works are stone as I love the fluid nature of direct carving- searching for forms under the skin of the stone’s surface and working towards a simple elegance. I often create clay and mixed media sculptures to offset the time consuming carving process and to enjoy a mental flexibility. Lately, series work has become important and has drawn me to several themes such as the “Feminae” and “Figs” pieces.