Hera Gallery is pleased host Dreamscapes, an all female, multi media, fantasy landscape curated by Providence based artist, Brooke Erin Goldstein. Exhibiting Artists include Jennifer Daltry, Brooke Erin Goldstein, Janice Lee Kelly, Lauren W Scotto, Maggie Jeanne Siegel, and Mara Trachtenberg. Dreamscapes will be on display from March 7 until April 4 with a full calendar of events. We invite the public to join us Saturday, March 7th from 6:00 to 8:00pm for the opening reception.

Studies have shown that women experience color and emotion deeply and tend to dream about color and emotion more than men. Dreamscapes is a month long gallery show featuring female artists exploring just that in their work. The showcased artists use various mediums to illustrate a fantastical experience of space and landscape filtered from a woman’s perspective. The idea is to create a fantasy world in Hera Gallery that allows patrons to enter into the artists’ minds, to feel the space emotionally. This will convey an overall dreamy experience to the viewer allowing them to feel like they are touring a new environment that is still somehow grounded to their own. To tie the works together and support the theme of a dream-like perspective the work will be hung in a bookend fashion grouped by artist. Meaning that as you walk from the front to the back of the gallery a grouping of the same artists work will be hung on both the left and right walls. This will create a hazy peripheral for the viewer as they walk through the show having the same artists work in front and in back of them at all times like a current dream and a memory of one simultaneously.

Dreamscapes will feature 6 artists working locally in the Southern New England area. The artists will be making new work for the show that expands on techniques and subject matters they are currently exploring in their studio practice. This will allow them to create work with Hera Gallery and Dreamscapes context in mind. Artists Mara Trachtenberg and Janice Lee Kelly use sculptural installation to create and photograph surreal and colorful images that express a whimsical view of reality. Lauren W Scotto’s work takes the familiar landscapes we experience every day and skews that view with her unique perspective and use of emotional color palettes allowing the viewer to experience space through her mood. Maggie Jeanne Siegel abstracts natural landscapes with a sun kissed color palette and painterly brush strokes. Brooke Goldstein’s drawings use ultra saturated color as well as a system of symbols and repeating patterns to lead the viewer through an abstract narrative open to interpretation. Jennifer Daltry’s drawings surprise the eye with unique mark making creating a visually textural surface that represents color rather than black and white.

Exhibition Events

March 10 Be Your Own Marketing & Development Team with Cristina DiChiera, 6pm

March 18 Artist Marketing Talk with Mint Leaf Media, 7:30pm

March 28 Support Women Artist Now (SWAN) Day Event

Panel with Dreamscapes Artists, 6-8pm

April 2 Craft and Chat for a Cause with Brooke Erin Goldstein, 7:30pm

Hera Gallery will be collecting paper good items to benefit the Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County for the duration of the exhibition in honor of Women's History Month. We invite the public to bring paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, or Lysol wipes to the gallery to supply the DVRC's safe house.

These programs are presented with partial support from The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, Mars Attracts, Centreville Bank, The Washington Trust Company, State of Mind Styling, Mint Leaf Media, Hera Educational Foundation, and The Friends of Hera. Hera Gallery is free and open to the public and is accessible to persons with disabilities. Parking is available.