Chad Amos Self

Rhode Island native, Chad Amos Self, is an artist with a focus on paper making and pulp sculpture.

In 2012, he graduated cum laude from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

He has shown work at Hera Gallery, Hoxie Gallery, One Way Gallery, the University of Rhode Island Main and Experimental Galleries, the Graduate School of Oceanography Studio Blue, the Carlotti Administration Building, the Danforth Museum of Art, the Artist’s Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, and Imago Gallery.

In 2019, using the process of paper making, pulp painting, and fiber sculpture, he translates his love of imagination into his studio art. His work primarily focuses on the colorful and playful nature of pulps and fibers and the tactile appearance of paper.

He currently resides in Pawtucket, RI and works out of his studio in Fall River, Mass.

Artist Statement

I am an object maker and find myself intrigued by the process and repetition of object making. Using pulp as my primary medium, I am able to show elements of the process in my work. I look to highlight the bumps and divots in the paper, the creases where water is pushed out, and the thin feathery bits in the deckle edge. These imperfections are the proof of creation and the details I enjoy.

My imagery is inspired by the activity of creation. I enjoy the footprint left in art by its creator and let the act of making art dictate where the piece goes. The colors and patterns I choose are not perfect representations, but rather abstract memories from my past. I’m inspired by my childhood, my grandparents, and ephemeral memories from my dreams.