The Feminist Opposition
March 4 - April 1

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 4th, 6 - 8 p.m.

Hera Gallery is excited to present The Feminist Opposition, an intersectional exploration of contemporary feminism’s role in opposition to the current cultural and political climate.

Jessica Hong, curatorial assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston writes of the show,

“The Feminist Opposition can be seen as a rallying cry or a call to arms, particularly in light of recent events. The selected works capture the spirit of the show’s namesake, but as a whole explores how opposition can be both productive as well as positive. With the saturation of negative news, it is important to remain open and not succumb to that negativity.

 Photographs complicating our binary views of gender and womanhood, works with explicitly political messaging, and those that examine the socio-cultural landscape, The Feminist Opposition celebrates the diversity of artistic output, identities, and perspectives.”

As one of our most widely dispersed and heavily shared calls, we had submissions from all across the U.S. and welcomed artists of a multitude of genders, race, and identity.


                  Torey Akers                                     Natalie Fay Green                  Katrina Majkut                                   

                  Hannah Altman                               Mia Halton                             Caroline X. Ousley Naseman

                  Jenny E. Balisle                              Rebecca Hayes                      Landon L. Newton

                  Emily Bayless                                 Laurel Hoffer                           Eric Sills Oresick

                  Emily Brodrick                                Thao Kieu                               Lillian Rodriguez

                  Furen Dai                                        Woomim Kim                         Cory Munro Shea

                  Rebecca Ann Drolen                      Hannah Kraus                        Fazilat Soukahkian

                  Pippi Ellison                                    Liss LaFleur                           Janet Tran

                  Shawna Gibbs                                Gracelee Lawrence                Ingrid V. Wells

                  Nancy Peel Gladwell                      Elizabeth Leger                      Beatrice Wolert

                  Kathleen Greco                              Justin Levesque